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Deterrence is the first line of defence to avoid intruders disrupting your business.

A DJ Byers Ltd NSI Gold approved Intruder Alarm, tailored to your business requirements, provides you with the right protection and peace of mind.

Our Monitored alarm systems offer you the reassurance that we’re monitoring your Intruder Alarm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether you’re at home, away on business or on holiday, we’re protecting your business.

Tailored Design

Rather than a blanket ‘one size fits all’ approach, our system designers tailor each system to meet your requirements of operation and budget. From single-site independent premises to high value asset / multi-site solutions, we have the expertise to deliver.

For further information about our tailored design service or to arrange a site survey please click here.

Offsite Intruder Alarm monitoring

Remote Monitoring is the key to rapid response, and a rapid response is the key to protecting your premises 365 days per year. During evenings and weekends, the Control Centre (RVRC) can take control of monitoring your business premises providing a cost-effective alternative to Manned Guarding out of hours.

We offer an established, highly reputable and experienced NSI Certified Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC) operating to BS8418 using the very latest technology to ensure that any activation of  your Intruder Alarm system is communicated to appropriate individuals for a rapid response.

This may be Key Holders, Security Staff, Police or Emergency Services. This response is managed for you  by the monitoring centre day and night, all year round,  giving you complete peace of mind.


To meet the individual needs of your business. For Health & Safety, Line Monitoring, Lone Worker or Site Security / Site Access can be monitored to suit your precise requirements.


You know someone will always respond and liaise with emergency services if required.


Safeguarding your investment in people and business, particularly Lone Worker.


Automated Polling and alert of any line connection failure from your premises.


Where available, option of dual path signalling via GSM / GPRS or similar in event of landline failure.


All Off Site Systems include GSM and GPS signalling of the mains operational status on site. This also facilitates remote access of the detection system for service analysis at our Offices.


With the offsite Intruder Alarm monitoring we can provide Fault and Fire Alarm monitoring FOC.

Integrated Systems

Our intruder alarm technologies are capable of interconnectivity with CCTV, Access Control, Fire / Smoke Detection and Building Management systems to create a fully integrated security solution.  

For further information about Integrated Systems or to arrange a site survey please click here.

Hold Up Alarms

Protect your Family or Employees with our Panic Alarm Solutions. Suitable for Reception Areas, Retail Environments, Offices or Domestic Premises.

For further information about our Panic Alarm solutions or to arrange a site survey please click here.

Keyholder Response

Our Keyholding Service responds to confirmed activations from your Intruder, CCTV or Fire Detection Systems by despatching an SIA Licenced Response team to your premises quickly and efficiently. Once on arrival at the property the response team will perform and assess the cause of the alarm. In the event a potential intrusion has taken place, they will remain onsite until the Police and Owner arrive.

Benefits of our Keyholder Service include:

  • Regional response and support hubs
  • 24/7 Operation
  • Spot-On vehicle tracking system allowing our Control Room staff to immediately allocate the closest response unit
  • KeySafe installation on remote sites to eliminate down time returning to base for keys and instructions.
  • Tablets for all response units to allow our Control Room to immediately send operations instructions to responders.

DJ Byers Security Solutions Ltd , Presidian House, 158 Leeds Road, Glasshoughton WF10 4PD   Tel 0800 243 190   Email

DJ Byers Security Solutions Ltd , Presidian House
158 Leeds Road, Glasshoughton WF10 4PD
Tel 0800 243 190

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Copyright © DJ Byers Security Solutions Limited 2023. All rights reserved. Registered in England & Wales. Registration No. 01751338
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Copyright © DJ Byers Security Solutions Limited 2023.
All rights reserved. Registered in England & Wales.
Registration No. 01751338

Designed and produced by