Facial Recognition Access Control

Our advanced Facial Recognition technology provides a touch-free access solution that is both convenient and secure.  

Facial Recognition has rapidly evolved in recent years, with significant advancements in technology and growing popularity across various industries, including Business, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Residential sectors. 

Our Facial Recognition system is highly sophisticated, offering high authentication speed, accuracy, reliability, and versatility. It enables touch-free access, making the process easier than ever, while effectively addressing issues associated with other access control methods. 

Facial Recognition systems can be integrated with your Network Video Recorder (NVR) or Digital Video Recorder (DVR), effectively adding an extra layer of CCTV camera functionality to your security infrastructure. This integration enhances overall surveillance capabilities and strengthens security measures. 


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Facial recognition cameras can help protect assets in various ways:

Access Control: They can restrict access to sensitive areas by allowing only authorised personnel to enter, enhancing security.

Unauthorised Intrusion Detection: These cameras can detect and alert security personnel when an unauthorised person is in a restricted area, helping prevent theft or vandalism.

Identity Verification: They can verify the identity of individuals before granting access to assets, ensuring that only authorized individuals can interact with valuable resources.

Visitor Management: Facial recognition can be used to track and manage visitors, creating a record of who has accessed your assets and when.

Real-time Alerts: When integrated with security systems, facial recognition cameras can trigger immediate alerts if a person of interest is detected, aiding in quick response to potential threats.

Forensic Analysis: In case of an incident, facial recognition can provide valuable evidence to law enforcement for investigating and resolving security breaches.

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