Fire System Categories

Fire alarm systems are essential for safeguarding lives and property in the event of a fire. Different buildings have varying levels of risk, and fire alarm categories are designed to address these specific risks. Understanding these categories is crucial for selecting the right fire alarm system for your building. 


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Category L5

These systems are for buildings with identified, specific risks that require special attention. For instance, an area with a high risk might warrant automatic detection, but a manual system is also needed. This combination is designated as L5/M. 

Category L4 

L4 systems provide detection within escape routes only. They are suitable for buildings where the emphasis is on alerting occupants to escape routes. 

Category L3 

L3 systems cover escape routes and all rooms leading onto them. The goal is to warn people of danger before corridors become smoke-logged, ensuring safe evacuation. 

Category L2 

L2 systems offer enhanced protection by covering all areas included in L3, as well as high-risk areas like boiler rooms. This category is suitable for buildings with specific fire risks. 

Category L1 

L1 provides comprehensive protection throughout the entire building. These systems are ideal for buildings where maximum safety is required. 


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