Our bollards and anti-raid systems are primarily designed to control traffic and create a protective barrier between vehicles and the public.  

Incorporating bollards and anti-raid measures into your security strategy offers several compelling reasons to enhance the protection of your premises.

We offer a range of devices ranging from pedestal bollards to high speed anti-raid vehicle stoppers.


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Integrating bollards and anti-raid measures into your security strategy is crucial for comprehensive protection. Bollards act as formidable deterrents against vehicle-based attacks, offering robust defence for buildings, public spaces, and critical infrastructure.

Beyond security, they contribute to crowd control, guiding traffic flow and ensuring pedestrian safety. Bollards enhance perimeter security, preventing both accidental and intentional breaches. The flexibility of bollards allows for architectural integration without compromising aesthetics, and various deployment options cater to specific security needs. This solution is cost-effective, providing a practical means of securing premises while complying with regulatory standards. Additionally, bollards offer emergency vehicle access control, enabling swift response when needed.

Overall, incorporating bollards into security measures is indispensable for safeguarding against diverse threats and enhancing the resilience of your security infrastructure.

  • My initial encounter with DJ Byers occurred earlier last year. Having interacted with various prominent companies before, it was truly invigorating and delightful to engage with the team at DJ Byers. They provide an exceptionally personalised service that resonated well...

    Matthew Thompson

  • DJ Byers have been professional and responsive from the first enquiry to the installation of the job. They were helpful and accommodating to various changes and modifications throughout the process and nothing was too much trouble for them.

    Steve Brooke

  • Having worked on a number of security projects this year across CCTV, ANPR, Vehicle Barriers and Paxton Door Access Control Systems, Patrick and the team at DJ Byers have been incredible. Their knowledge of the industry standards, equipment and technology...

    Ben Smith

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