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Our state of the art Access Control systems provide your business with the capability to effectively monitor persons around your sites, whilst also enabling you to secure critical areas at the touch of a button.

When utilised as part of a building or site security solution, Access Control can provide key information as to time and attendance of staff, ensuring high risk / key assets are protected and greatly assist through the use of Roll Calling in the event of a fire or evacuation scenario.

Network Access

A networked Access Control System provides the capability to centrally manage all doors and users across a site or multiple sites simultaneously. IP based in design, a network solution offers greater scalability and flexibility compared to legacy standalone systems. Our networked Access Control Systems can accept over 3,000 door connections and operate on POE+ to further reduce installation costs. Various installation options include Electromagnetic locks, Shoot Bolts, Shear Locks and Wireless Door Handles.

For further information on our Networked Access Control systems or to arrange a site survey please contact our office.

Standalone Access

For smaller premises a standalone access control system can provide enhanced single door security to key areas of a building. Rather than centrally managed, standalone access control is configured at the door station and can operate Proximity, Key Code or Biometric depending on the required application.

For further information on our Standalone Access Control Products or to arrange a site survey please contact our office.


ANPR Access Control provides both a means of Security and Ease of Access / Egress at the Entrance points to your site. The system detects the registration of vehicles using a specialised camera. This information is then cross-referenced with a live database to determine if access / egress should be granted. The ANPR system can then autonomously open gates, lower bollards or lift barriers. Additional Information provided by solution can be used to create access reports, count vehicles and track vehicles across multiple sites.

For further information on our ANPR Solutions or to arrange a site survey please contact our office.

Integrated Systems

DJ Byers Integrated solutions allow you to have even greater control over your business safety and security systems by combining CCTV, Access Control and Fire Detection to create a powerful management tool. Our Software and Apps enable operators to control, review and manage their systems through the convenience of a single user interface.

For further information on our Integrated Solutions or to arrange a demonstration please contact our office.

Remote Access

Our Access Control remote access Apps enable you to manage your solution from anywhere in the world. Incorporating an impressive list of features, system operators can open doors, view door status, create / edit users, initiate a fire roll call, complete a live fire register and view events.

For further information about our Remote Access Apps or to arrange a demonstration please contact our office.

Visitor Management

Managing visitors on your premises can now be a seamless and speedy process, with our market leading visitor management systems. Visitors are presented with an easy to use state-of-the art touch screen that significantly speeds up the signing in process. 

This means you can track the movements of visitors by accurately recording when they enter or leave your site. Integrating with our Access Control Solutions, Visitors registered onto the system also appear in Access Reports and as part of the Fire Roll Call. Proximity and Biometric readers can also be integrated with the system to create a single Access Point for staff and visitors entering the site. 

For further information about our Visitor Management Systems, to arrange a free site survey or to discuss your requirements, please contact our office.


Intercoms operating as a standalone or multi door networked system are an effective way of authenticating visitors prior to allowing access. We provide a range of different system designs including GSM Voice, Networked Voice and Video, 2 Wire Analogue, Wireless IP and Software Driven Multi-site solutions.

For further information on our Intercom Systems or to arrange a site survey please contact our office.

Contactless Request to Exit

Our 'Contactless' Exit Door Release provides a hygienic solution to unlocking doors, allowing you to present your hand to the reader without making contact, for 'hands-free' door release. Having contactless operation is crucial to minimise potential transmission of viruses through surface contact.

The circular surround to the infra-red driven sensor hosts a ring of LED lights, which in standby state glows red. This draws attention to the door release button location for users. This illumination changes to green as soon as a hand (or object) is placed in front of the unit to release the door. This makes it easy for persons to notice when leaving for safe exit.

The high quality stainless steel unit has been designed to be accommodated on a standard single gang pattress. Also available is a FOC surface mount kit where required. This flexibility enables retro fitting of the device to existing door installations to facilitate contactless exit.

Facial Recognition

Touch free access is easier than ever with our advanced Facial Recognition technology.

Facial Recognition as a form of Access Control has developed rapidly in recent years, both in terms of technology and popularity and is used increasingly for a vast range of applications within Industry, Business, Education, Hospitality, Health and Residential sectors.

Our highly advanced Facial Recognition system offers high authentication speed, accuracy, reliability and versatility making touch free access easier than ever, while immediately eliminating issues associated with other forms of access.

In addition, our Facial Recognition system can be wired in to your NVR/DVR providing an extra CCTV camera.

For further information on our Facial Recognition systems or to arrange a site survey, please contact our office.

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Copyright © DJ Byers Security Solutions Limited 2022.
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