DJ Byers’ Offsite CCTV solutions enable your IP or Analogue cameras to notify an RVRC in the event movement is detected out of hours on your premises.

We utilise the very latest Human Detection CCTV analytics to both reduce false alarms and ensure the positive detection of intruders.

Once the detection is received by the RVRC Operator, an audio announcement can be transmitted to the premises and broadcast over a PA system to deter intruders.

Offsite CCTV provides peace of mind that your premises are being actively monitored to prevent potential intrusions and thefts.


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Investing in offsite CCTV solutions offers several compelling advantages for businesses. Firstly, offsite CCTV, often referred to as cloud-based or remote surveillance, provides enhanced accessibility. Business owners and security personnel can remotely monitor live camera feeds and access recorded footage from anywhere with an internet connection, offering real-time situational awareness.

The scalability of offsite CCTV is another key benefit. Businesses can easily expand or modify their surveillance infrastructure without the need for extensive on-site hardware upgrades. Security and data redundancy are critical aspects of offsite CCTV also. Storing footage offsite in the cloud protects against on-site incidents such as theft or vandalism. Additionally, data backups are typically part of the offsite storage solution, reducing the risk of data loss in case of equipment failure or other emergencies.

Offsite CCTV eliminates the need for on-premises storage equipment, reducing upfront hardware costs and ongoing maintenance expenses. Businesses can opt for subscription-based models, paying only for the storage and features they require.

  • My initial encounter with DJ Byers occurred earlier last year. Having interacted with various prominent companies before, it was truly invigorating and delightful to engage with the team at DJ Byers. They provide an exceptionally personalised service that resonated well...

    Matthew Thompson

  • DJ Byers have been professional and responsive from the first enquiry to the installation of the job. They were helpful and accommodating to various changes and modifications throughout the process and nothing was too much trouble for them.

    Steve Brooke

  • Having worked on a number of security projects this year across CCTV, ANPR, Vehicle Barriers and Paxton Door Access Control Systems, Patrick and the team at DJ Byers have been incredible. Their knowledge of the industry standards, equipment and technology...

    Ben Smith

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