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A well installed and maintained CCTV system is a vital asset which can help you protect and manage your business.

Our state of the art CCTV solutions are bespoke designed to each customer's requirements and budget, with future compatibility as a key element. With over 30 years' experience in the CCTV industry, DJ Byers Ltd has the capability and knowledge to deliver class leading Engineered solutions for you and your business.

Analogue HD

Analogue HD CCTV is a brilliant way of cost effectively upgrading your existing Analogue CCTV system. With achievable resolution of up to 8 Megapixel, these systems utilise existing cabling, significantly reducing installation time and project cost. We offer a wide range of Analogue HD CCTV cameras and recording devices to meet any requirement and budget.

IP Megapixel

For applications where image quality and scalability are key factors, we recommend our IP Megapixel solutions. We offer a wide variety of camera designs to meet any requirement and budget with achievable resolutions of 2 - 20 Megapixel. Our recording platforms range from small dedicated devices to large Enterprise level VMS Server based solutions. Whether you're an SME or large multi-site business, we have the solution and expertise to deliver a system which meets your operational requirements.

IP Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging has both increased in performance and become a more cost effective solution over the past few years. Ideally suited to applications where there is no illumination or particularly challenging environments where conventional CCTV camera would not operate effectively, IP Thermal cameras can perform a number of tasks with relative ease. The typical applications of Thermal Imaging range from CCTV Human Detection using Advanced Analytics to Radiometric Temperature Analysis for process management and Fire Detection. 

We offer a wide range of Thermal Imaging products and solutions to meet your requirements. For further information regarding IP Thermal Imaging please contact our office.

Advanced Analytics

CCTV has significantly advanced from the early days of VCR Tapes. These days your CCTV system can do far more than just record. With the use of Advanced Analytics, modern CCTV systems can notify system operators when persons of interest have entered a building, search for persons around a site and via the colour of their clothing, or log when vehicles have entered a car park using number plate recognition. Our range of Analytics includes:

    • Facial Recognition
    • Clothing Colour Search
    • Crowd Detection
    • Human Detection
    • Vehicle Detection
    • Loiter Detection
    • Object Left / Removed Search
    • Digital Trip Wires
    • Heat Mapping
    • People Counting
    • Camera Sabotage
    • Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Advanced Analytics can be integrated into our IP VMS Megapixel systems creating a Smart CCTV solution with the capability to autonomously respond to situational intelligence. For further information regarding Advance Analytics, please contact our office to arrange a site survey.

Offsite CCTV

Our Offsite CCTV solutions enable your IP or Analogue cameras to notify an RVRC in the event movement is detected out of hours. We utilise the very latest Human Detection analytics to both reduce false alarms and ensure positive detection of intruders. Once a detection is received by the RVRC Operator, an audio announcement can be transmitted to the premises and broadcasted over a PA system to deter intruders. Offsite CCTV provides peace of mind that your Business Premises are being actively monitored to prevent potential intrusions and thefts.

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DJ Byers Security Solutions Ltd , Presidian House
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Tel 0800 243 190

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Copyright © DJ Byers Security Solutions Limited 2023.
All rights reserved. Registered in England & Wales.
Registration No. 01751338

Designed and produced by